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Summer Camp Backpack List!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Here is a list of all that we should consider when preparing the Summer Camp backpack for our little ones! Do not forget the two basic rules 1) Label everything and 2) Include a surprise – like a special note! 

First thing first, make sure your child’s backpack is durable, has an outside mesh water bottle pocket and outside zippered compartments.

In the backpack you should include:

  • 1- Complete extra set of clothing – shorts, t-shirt, underwear. Put them in an extra large resealable plastic bag. Your child will have everything he needs to change clothes plus a plastic bag for the wet or dirty ones.

  • 2- Baseball cap or visor

  • 3- Bathing suit, towel, googles, flip flops, plastic bag, sunglasses

  • 4- Sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, hand sanitizer, tissues, insect repellent, prescription medications if your child is under medication.

  • 5- Water, (freeze two water bottles each night, one for the outside pocket and the other inside)

  • 6- Food – most day camps provide meals and snacks. If yours does not, here are some tips and suggestions: Use at least two ice packs, avoid nuts as most camps are nut-free zones. Some healthy options: cheese sticks and crackers, apple slices, grapes, orange slices, pretzels, yogurt, or apple sauce, granola bars, crackers, carrots, cucumbers.

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