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Top 10 Summer Camps

Summer, oh summer – you are almost here….. and yes again it is time to think about Summer Programs for the kids. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom or an “in between” whatever that means, we all need the info!

As you probably know there are plenty of camp options in Miami, so how to choose? Our recommendations have always pointed to exploring and discovering those talents that help awaken our kids to find their passions. Basically, every kid is different and summer should be seen as an opportunity to explore the individual potential of each child while enjoying the great outdoor and nature offerings that Miami has.

You will find that there are many options out there, but what makes our recommendations unique is that we do take the time to research and ask questions. Plus, we are moms and kind of know what we are looking for.


Like previous years, we have used different criteria to select our TOP 10; we have selected favorites according to main categories that are important to us and considered the needs of moms with kids of all ages. We have taken into consideration goals of programs, training of staff members, facilities, safety, enrollment options, the ratio of nature to indoor activities and other important considerations.

Without further ado here are our Miami TOP 10 Summer Camp Programs 2018…

@ Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. Specialty programs for everyone. New this year, Girls and Boys! can choose according to interests: Art, Athletics, Coding, Dance, Drama, Engineering, Innovation, Music, Robotics, Wellness, and more. 

Ages: PK3 - 9th graders

Dates: June 11 - August 10

Cost: Varies according to program

Contact: 305-446- 5673, ext. 2340.

@ Alexander Montessori School – Well-deserved reputation since 1963 for its imagination-driven, family-owned, and customized programs.  

Ages: 18 months - 12 years

Dates:  June 18 - August 10

Cost: $205-$275/week
Contact:  305.665.6274.

Campers explore the wonders of science through nine different week-long camps themed around the amazing science showcased at Frost Science including engineering, astronomy, marine biology and tech. Fly a drone over South Florida’s unique ecosystems, dissect a squid, create a comet and learn how to make a human lie detector test.

Ages: Rising K - Grade 8

Dates: June 18 - August 10 

Cost: $295/week-$350/week.

Contact: 305.434.9564

@ Virginia Historic Park. Designed to expose children to live challenging, competitive and healthy adventures plus Spanish immersion program. Activities include: Climbing wall, Kayak and Sports. Sleep away available.

Ages: 5 –11 years

Dates: June 11 - August 10

Cost: $345/week

Contact: 954.654.0395

@ Miami Children’s Museum. Children travel to the past discovering different cultures, art, music and science!

Ages: 4-10 years

Dates: June 11 - August 24

Cost: $198 members/$220 non-members/week

Contact: 305.373.5437 ext. 112

@ Arsht Center – for theater-loving kids; includes lessons in dance, acting, singing and ensemble performance. Culminates in a special finale musical performance on the Arsht Center Stage.

Ages: 10-17 years

Dates: August 6– 10

Cost: $750/week

Contact: 305.949.6722

@ Ransom Everglades. Program provides opportunities to explore different sports and disciplines in a teamwork environment. Aquatics, Archery, Arts & Crafts Basketball, Canoeing, Drama, Karate, Sailing, Soccer, Tennis, Yoga.

Ages: 4-13 years

Dates: June 18 - July 27

Cost: $900 / 2 weeks

Contact: 305.460.8874

Offers 100% Spanish Summer Camp Programs designed and directed by experienced and completely bilingual camp professionals. Promotes personal growth, leadership and teamwork through traditional camp activities and games.
Ages: 4-10 years Day Camp/7-16 years (Sleep away)
Dates: June 11 –August 11
Cost per week: $330/week (Day Camp)/ $1165/week (Sleep away)
Contact: 305.390.0476

Miami’s Original All Girls Summer Camp operating for the past 18 years. Girls explore Music, Dance, Art, STEM, Etiquette and Fashion. New this year - a creative partnership with American Girl.

Ages: 4-10 years

Dates: June 11 - July 20

Cost: $450/2 weeks

Contact: 305 .233.8362

Camp Gulliver is back and better than ever! Gulliver’s highly-acclaimed Summer programs return with exciting new offerings for every age and interest. From Athletics to Engineering, Broadway to Biomedical Detectives, Make, Create and Innovate, and even Jump Start for the littlest campers.

Ages: PK3 - Grade 12

Dates: June 4 - June 29

Cost: Varies according to program

Contact:  305.665.3593 ext. 3327

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